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Cell phones have been very popular among the masses for some time now. The phone is very handy to carry and use while on the move. There are various accessories attached to a mobile phone like the cover, the scratch card, the connecting wires, the earphones and speakers. But another very useful accessory which we often forget is the phone holder. That is used to hold the phone in a place when it is not in use. We are familiar with different types and models of phone holders used to place it at home such that the phone is safe and not damaged. But there is another set of phone holders used when the phone is on the move or mobile.


The phone is carried in the bag, pocket or the belt holder when a person is walking. But when a person is driving it is placed on the dashboard but not used because it is a risk. But the phones come with a feature called Navigator which shows the route one can follow to reach their destinations from the start point. Because of this the phone needs to be placed in a position such that the driver can use the phone without holding it in hand.

For this specific purpose of using the phone in the car there are different phone holder for car or cell phone car mount designed such that it can be attached to the car vent or the dashboard and it can be tilted as required by the driver. The phone will be held in place using magnets or grippers. This will hold the phone while the person is driving. There is a tilting mechanism that helps to tilt the phone as required for comfort of viewing while driving.

It is said by the wise people that do everything when you are young else you will regret in the future. This said because when we are young we have young mind that time we have more power than the old age people that is why young people are called the future of the world. Similarly when travel alone it is new experience of the life of youth. There they learn so many things like how to deal with the people and situations.

There are so many things which we learn when we are young while travelling-

  • Learn decision making– A trip always provide you opportunity to make so many decisions as when we are young we are full of enthusiasm and energy. This helps us making quite efficient decision to make and this time you explore so many things.
  • Makes you smart– When you go on the trip it provides you exposure to the world due to this you learn so many things that time. This helps you to becoming a smart personality who can face any type of difficulty alone.


  • Evolution of interesting person– When we travel alone while you are young that time you learn how to deal with the people and this make you quite interesting person as the person meets you somewhere you may be influenced by their good qualities.
  • Grow up socially and culturally– When young person goes on the trip that time the meet with the people who from different culture so they come to know about different thing about the person’s culture. This makes you more social among the people.
  • Learn managing things– When we go on the tour as a young personality that time we face many such kind of situation where we learn to manage things like when we have no any money left and that time we have to come back to our city that time we somehow manage to comeback.

Travelling alone or with the friends and relatives make learn so many thing when you are young.


Gaming in computers, mobiles or through consoles has been a common thing for the gamers. It has given a lot of benefits to the people. Those who are playing games tend to improve various skills and some puzzle games also help the people to improve their IQ as well. Though, gaming is a motivation for the people or the gamers, there are some people who tend to find cheating as one of the best form of entertainment. If you are wondering whether you will be able to cheat in a game then the answer is yes. With a lot of cheat codes available for various kinds of games, a person does not refrain himself but directly gets these cheats and applies it in the game.


There are various reasons as to why people cheat. Some are there who intentionally plan to ruin the games play by applying the cheat codes while some tend to cheat just to create a scenario where they can argue and quarrel with their fellow mates. There are some who tend to cheat just to make sure that they complete the game. It is not always possible for a person to get the games completed that are very difficult or tough. Here the gamer might need the help of the cheat codes. There are certain websites that provide such kind of cheat codes and with the application of these cheat codes, a person tend to get the game completed easily. Some find the application of cheat codes to be exciting while some may not and it basically depends on how competent is you to face the challenges. If you are competent enough then you can complete the game without cheats while on other hand if you find a certain level difficult then you can proceed for cheat application.


There are some really cool collection of gadgets that are released into the market every now and then. But when you are looking for the products or gadgets from some very popular companies such as google, then you need to check for them specially and you are going to find some really great collection of gadgets from google. Googles now app has the latest feature that would be able to provide you with nearby places very quickly with the action options. You can get information about the nearby cafes, bars, ATMs, Banks and many more as such by default. You just need to choose one you need and get the complete list.

Some of the latest google gadgets

Google has rolled out its latest Gboard app of keyboard replacement for many devices. It was only available for android devices and now iPhone users can use it too in many countries. Gboard would be able to integrate the google search into the keyboard by default and can help with the suggestions and searches very easily. Google calendar app for the android OS would be able to tell you when you get free on a particular day or you can get some updates on when you would be free with alerts.

Google tailors its new search for the purpose of offering rich contextual cards for the Indian cinema market. You can find some of the best results with the contextual cards for many Indian cinema views. It would make the selection of movies and learn about it very easier as well. Google is backing up it support to a new startup that is working on flying cars. They are working their best to launch the flying cars very soon into the market. Google already have driverless cars under testing and they are almost set to be sold into the market.