Which are the best chick flicks of the year 2015?

The appeal of love and romance based movies is undying and if you are in a bad mood or just want to enjoy a holiday, catching on some of the new Best chick flicks can be a great option. Every year there is a load of chick flick movies made in the Hollywood and they come with different story base and different forms of drama. However, all of these movies are not certainly the best ones of the lot and if you are going to spend your holiday on it, or enjoy it with your friends then certainly you need to pick only the best ones from the lot.

best chick flicks

The best chick flicks

In 2015 as well a number of chick flick movies were made and released by different directors and before we get into the names of some of the best movies of the year in this genera let us point out that some of even the highly anticipated movies where not such a great success on the box office. However, if a movie has failed to impress the critics that certainly do not mean that it is not a good movie to watch, because your likings have every chance to differ. So, before you pick the movie, the best option is to check out the trailers of these movies to know for sure which one will be the right choice.

Some of the highly applauded chick flick movies of the year include names like The Longest Ride, A Girl Like Her, Like Sunday Like Rain, Pitch Perfect 2, Insurgent and Beyond Paradise. This list is not certainly exhaustive and there are many other chick flick movies that were released this year, but these names are certainly amongst the best chick flicks of 2015. So, if you are looking out for some great chick flick movies to enjoy your free time, catch any of these.