Almost everyone has an area of fat that you wish would disappear. People have tried various methods to reduce fat from exercise and diet which does work well for some; some have tried surgical methods like liposuction which has its own risks. But there are some non-surgical fat reduction methods too like Coolsculpting. It basically freezes fat with no surgery. The best part is that it is FDA approved, non-surgical and it does reduce fat. What more can you want?

If you do Coolsculpting at home, before and after results can be seen by yourself. Take pictures of yourself before starting the process and after on a periodic basis, you will definitely see the difference.

coolsculpting at home

Coolsculpting works on a simple concept. Kids lose cheek fat when they suck on frozen popsicles which is called Popsicle Panniculitis. The same principle is applied to Coosculpting as well. You basically freeze fat on problem areas like love handles, the stomach, thighs to a particular temperature, thereby crystallizing the fat cells. This is then metabolized by the body.

It has been noticed that you can see visible results as soon as three weeks and max results in eight weeks. If you go online, there are several sites where people share their experiences with regards to cosmetic procedures and almost 83% of them say that Coolsculpting is very good and result oriented.

Accepted, it may not have the results like as in Liposuction; however it is a great option for those who do not want any invasive procedures. We all know the risks that go along with any surgical procedure. The same do not apply to Coolsculpting.

You do have several medical as well as spa facilities which specialize in Coolsculpting. But one major added advantage of this procedure is that you can do this at home itself and that too with good results. Best of all it is pain free. So go ahead and try coolsculpting at home, before and after pictures share them with us.

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