It is always back up claims of safety to use certain substances with researches and studies conducted on the same before its use. This can be very important in case we are talking about something which is consumed orally. We ought to make sure that the things that we consume are absolutely safe before we would approve of its use with our family. This is not a bad idea as there have been many cases where people have suffered due to bad choices which can be avoided if we follow these researches and studies. It may even not be a bad idea to only consume something if it is approved of the governing bodies for different substances which can clearly give us an edge in making our choices.


Knowingly or unknowingly we have been consuming food grade carrageenan quite regularly in the form of additives in our day to day lives. There had been lot of talk which has related to this additive being harmful for people in more ways than one. This talk is commonly associated with people who have little or no knowledge about the source or production of this substance by any means. Food grade carrageenan is sourced from red seaweeds and is commonly used in the food industry as a thickener which also allows food to stay preserved for longer periods. As a thickening agent, it is used on various tablets that we consume from different manufacturers for various ailments as well.

Research and studies on carrageenan

It may be taken into notice that FDA (food and drug administration) and WHO (world health organization) have approved of the use of this substance in the pharma industry and food industry as an additive. After various independent studies and research of this substance with both laboratory animals and human beings the results have proven that carrageenan is safe to use which is why these governing bodies approved of the same.


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