If you see packaged foods items (particularly dairy substitutes and dairy foods), you will come to know that approximately all the leading food brands make use of carrageenan as an ingredient. Food organizations make use of carrageenan for 4 different reasons:

  • to thicken (extremely helpful for creamy beverage stability)
  • to blend, to combine the coconut oils and water together (which gives a smooth and nice, texture),
  • and to alleviate crystals (essential to ensuretasty frozen desserts do a good job of copying ice cream and keep that same delicious, and creamy texture).


Is carrageenan safe – let’s find out?

The safety of this seaweed has been promised by the FDA, plus it has been certified by GRAS which stands for ‘Generally Regarded as Safe’. In addition, the JECFA (Joint-Expert-Committee on Food-Additives) of the United Nations’ FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) plus the WHO (World Health Organization) gave carrageenan the utmost ‘Accepted Daily Intake’ (ADI) status. The NOSB (National-Organic Standards Board), which has added undegraded carrageenan on its accepted list of components since the year 1990s, finished another broad examination of undegraded carrageenan in 2012, and they revealed that undegraded carrageenan is harmless to keep using in natural food products.Though,these leading prevailing food organizations have sustained ingredients such as carrageenan for centuries.

Why there is all the confusion about Carrageenan?

Well, there has been lots of confusion regarding carrageenan.The confusion takes placesince there are two major types: degraded (which are hydrolyzed by acid) and undegraded (which is food-grade).Sadly, the exact type of carrageenan employed is not permitted to be recognized in the ingredient label on product covering. Carrageenan which is of undegraded type has been confirmed to be secure through meticulous researches, and therefore there are many brands that only makes use of undegraded carrageenan in their food products.




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